Concert Log 2004


20040220 Rum Diary

20040228 Rum Diary
This was part of noise Pop.  I wasn't going to go, but at the last show they said they were going to have some special guests with them.  I figured it would be either kilowat hours or desert city that they were doing some split records with.  It ended up being members of Continental that joined in on the bombastic drum ending.

20040311 Rum Diary

20040324 Breeders
In Fairfax!  I was so drunk, right up in front against the "stage" which was little more than one step high .  Fitting.  Sometimes I wonder how I could get a tape rolling.  Autopilot.

20040327 Breeders
At Slims, not as drunk.

20040416 Rum Diary

20040417    50 Foot Wave

20040425 Chrome Spotlight

20040429 Pixies
Fist time seeing them since the early 90s.  They rocked like they never quit.  I was dissapointed that was no beer to be had on the UCD campus.

20040430 Pixies
SO glad Scott got the heads up on this gig.  It made the Coachella weekend much much better.

20040501 Coachella Festival
"Kevin, brother named David?"  What an idiot I am...

20040502 Coachella Festival


20040721 Rum Diary
At Lena's(?) No, the other Italian restaraunt on the other side of the track.  They played one or two new songs, or perhaps just a modification of one of there newer tracks.  Unfortuantely I didn't tape it.  For some reason I didn't feel like it.  

20040904   [See the Cure pages]

20040916 Rum Diary
Another typical set, with one new song that I had heard for the first time.  They haven't been as dynamic as they used to be.  In other words, I've heard better sets from them.  I got another free Redrum shirt for buying rum punch.  Jon gave me the split single with Desert City Soundtrack that I had ordered from Springman 9 months earlier.  I noticed that Springman did not publish the single after all.  So what did they do with my money? 

20040924 Pixies
I was in a crappy mood for some reason.  This did not help matters.  Opening band was not good.  I was surprised that Fear played next.  I saw on the kick drum that there was a Fear sticker, but I figured that the drummer was a fan.  But when they came on ans started with I love living in the City...  Went down to the pit for the Pixies set.  Dead center about 10 feet in front of the first step.  the sound was horrible.  It was not loud enough.  The guitars were not getting to the PA.  All of the guitar sound was coming from the 4 Marshal cabinets on stage.  the crowd was barely moving.  Din't tape because I was in a crappy mood, didn't want to bother with the work involved.

20040925 Pixies
Decided not to go, since it was my friend Russ' 40th birthday and he was having a party at a house in Stinson Beach.

20040926 Pixies
Ah, much better this time, almost.  They has fixed the loudness factor and the guitars in the mix, but the PA amps kept overloading.  very early on there was about a 10 or 15 second gap wen the PA went dead.  After that, in would cut out for 1 or 2 seconds every few minutes.  the audience was giving the sound man the evil eye.  At one point a girl in front of me turned around and yelled "you suck sound guy!"  They played without a set list.  When kim fucked up on a song, frank and her chatted about what went wrong, and then they started from the begining.