What, why?

A long time ago, in a state not too far from California, a friend of mine created a website devoted to The Cure's concerts.  Then he moved and he needed a new place to host his website.  That's were I came in.  I had an old '386 computer that I was experimenting with that had a "free" full time internet connection.  Sure I can run a web server on it.  So this was around the Fall 1996 or so.  Yeah, just after the '96 tour I think.   For about two years it operated without a domain name, just using the IP address of

In 1998 I registered the name "" that I thought I'd use for a sound company I was starting.  (Have you figured yet that I am an avid Cure fan too?)  So the the site became szumsteg /cure1.htm.  That worked pretty well.  But then a couple years later I wondered: is available?  Sure enough it was, so I grabbed it.  But by then the original site was firmly entrenched in all the search engines.  Instead of moving it, I just put a forwarding link on the new domain name.

But this site isn't just a link to Scott's site.  There a a few other great Cure related reference sites out there, so I added some links to those.  And I started documenting some of my experiences for some guys who were putting together a book. 

So now, some six years later, the old '386 is out of service and replaced with an 8 year old Dell '486.  And the internet connection is still free...